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A prtially erect penis, a snynonym to the more juvenile "chub". Often used to descibe a female being "sconge-worthy".
Also, a condition brought on by vigorous "grinding" and "booty dancing"
Man i had a sconge the entire night after she rubbed my thigh.
by Kotacular September 24, 2003
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a penis that is 15-85% erect
I have a sconge going. She is sconge-worthy.
by Deej April 10, 2003
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A person, male or female, without pubic hair.
"Dude, this girl I did last week was a total sconge. Not even bristles down there!"
by Slaylorz May 17, 2009
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/skōnj/ the skin of ones armpit
I had to switch deodorant brands because my sconge is very sensitive.
by neo loggins December 22, 2014
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Some unidentifiable substance. Usually unpleasant, sticky and hard to remove
After we scraped all of the sconge out of the engine bay, we pressure washed it.
by Andrukas July 06, 2003
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