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A boy whom god gave to the world as a gift. He is athletic, intelligent, versatile, and amazing. You are lucky to be friends with Emmet if you meet one.
I wish I was better friends with Emmet, J would be twice as popular.
by MyWordsAreTrue December 22, 2017
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Greatest alive. funnier than all friends. largest dick. athletic. all girls like him. A NON CELEBRITY KANYE MIXED WITH KOBE AND VINCE CARTER.
If i were to describe kanye in one word, I would choose EMMET.
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by Darn tootin February 27, 2017
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a killjoy, somebody who is paranoid at parties and social gathering. feels the need to ruin the fun of others. has negative connotations. not to be confused with the responsible person who wont let people drink and drive and parties and calls cabs.
Hey dude, Stop being an Emmet, your ruining everyone's fun
by CAKECHEF December 12, 2010
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Emmet / Emmit

One of thousands of stinking, sweating tourists that haul their fat arses down to Cornwall every summer and pollute our beaches with their foul stench, beer cans, used condoms and mcdonalds wrappers.
Easily identifiable by their crisp red skin, "damn seagulls" hat, and Fat Willy's jumper.
by blimp August 20, 2003
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annoying chav/northerners that in the summer, cover our cornish beaches like a carpet, leaving not even a square inch of space for locals such as myself to sit down. they also throw chips to huge evil flocks of seagulls in the middle of town, saying 'ere, kelleh, kev, look at the luvleh berrds'.

they never listen to lifeguards and float in between the red and yellow flags on their inflatable rings and bodyboards that they can't steer. on lucky occasions they'll fall asleep and turn to a crisp hot pink, before falling off and screaming 'elp meh am drahning' in 4ft of water.

emmet- 'eh up ah got sand in me shoos'
emmet2- 'best get tut lahf gard dave'
by crinnydude February 18, 2006
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Emmet, dirty scumbags from southern Ireland, not a knacker or a chav but close

One who uses cheap pick up lines to get humiliated and
wears a kurt russell t-shirt symbolising his love for him.

One who likes not to shower or bathe

One who never changes their clothes

The word emmet can be used to explain the crude, dirty, anti social, crminal acts they participate in
thats one emmet of a beard you got there(you need to shave that raccoon off your face you dirty bastard)

that emmet on the newspaper should be sent to jail

they like to emmet(shag)sheep

ya shower of emmets(bastards)
by chris chaivoksy October 01, 2007
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