The sweatiest in the room. Always is moist on the head, and is bullied by the grade above him. Has a naturally annoying attitude. He also has a way of making people ante him naturally. He can normally be found sliding around in his basement, and pissing in his cat’s litter box.
“Bro that man looks like he hasn’t showered in 10 days.”
“Yea he’s a emmet
by Roach988 February 28, 2019
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A scrawny weirdo usually with long, greasy hair. He boasts that he showers every day, but everyone knows he doesn’t. He dresses like a clown and listens to music all the time and spams on Instagram.
Look at that greasy clown”, he reminds me of an emmet.
by Rolyab February 28, 2019
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a killjoy, somebody who is paranoid at parties and social gathering. feels the need to ruin the fun of others. has negative connotations. not to be confused with the responsible person who wont let people drink and drive and parties and calls cabs.
Hey dude, Stop being an Emmet, your ruining everyone's fun
by CAKECHEF December 13, 2010
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A Cornish term for a tourist or holidaymaker, also used to describe foreigners in general, and (usually light-heartedly) to describe someone who lives in the town, but is not local to it.

Origin unknown. Believed to be derived from the Cornish word for 'ant', due to the similarity of a plague of tourists descending on a town to a colony of ants. This is unlikely however, as the Cornish word for 'ant' is 'morya'.
"Kint 'ardly breathe 'ere in summer, chap. Too many bloody emmets!"

"Wish we could stop all these emmets invading our country every summer, but they pays our wages, so t'would be silly really."
by GwresYnKernow September 17, 2008
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Emmet is a homophobic, racist, psychotic, controlling, boy who sucks at soccer. He is awkward, stupid, mean, annoying, and racist. He will ruin your life and bully your best friend. So never date a guy named emmet!
Emmet is suck a jerk. I hate Emmet!
by yellow birds December 9, 2019
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The smallest sunburnt dick known to mankind. HE is OBSSESED with this girl who thinks that he is made of shit. He will never get her but he still makes erotic fanfics about her. He will never give up but she already did. He is a total pussy who sleeps with her(his) parents and cries at sleepovers. He is afraid of the dark and anything the slightest bit frightening. TOTAL PUSSY
by idkhowtodothis March 3, 2017
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The one to say the word “Ballsack” one too many times.
My boyfriend is such an emmet
by Chip whip January 17, 2022
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