It has characteristics as a noun (the absolute and total), a verb (you schultzed her), an adjective (he is a totally schultz dancer), etc...Its meanings are endless, AS long as used correctly.

Some definitions:

schultz (n.) = a good friend or an unknown stranger. often paried with words of extremity, i.e. complete, total, utter, absolute, etc

schultz (adj.) = used to describe nouns. often paired with adverbs, "unbelievably, incredibly, totally, ridiculously, etc"

to schultz (v.) = to do any of various activities. Use is generally considered acceptable when the term has been previously used in the same context.

Other ex:
to schultz is smoke doob, slam, generally hang about acting like schultzes, etc

a schultzyization can be when you're standing in a small circle of people and somebody steps in front of you and pushes you out of the circle.
Jeremy, "Ohh sup!"
Aaron, "Sup schultz!"
Jeremy, "Alright let's do something but I don't want to go anywhere totally schultz."
Aaron, "Clearly."

Josh, "Dude, you should just schultz her already."
Jamison, "Ech."

Todd, "Sup dude? Let's go."
Jesse, "Eh I dunno... I'm kind of feeling like a schultz today.
Bryce, "Hey! Don't be a complete and total schultz! You're coming with us."

Nuñez, "Dave what did you end up doing?"
David, "Dude I couldn't take it. I had to get out of there. Her boyfriend was just this totally random schultz."
by ProliferateSchultz October 31, 2006
to insert two fingers inside a girls vagina while simultaneously inserting one finger into the anus.
what is it called the schultz?

That girl loved it when i schultzed her last night.
by yankeefanatic89 July 18, 2011
A drunk, someone who mooches rides off of people, waste of life.
Stop being such a schultz and buy a car.
by Kyle2888 October 24, 2005
Schultz is a game that originated in salisbury maryland but is primarily practiced in the SMIB infested region of Waldorf/Charles County Maryland, mostly by people who do indeed fit the SMIB description.

The game consists of someone directing a false statement at another person, usually a amateur schultzer, who then - in their sloppy unthoughtout haste correct the statement, this is fallowed by the schultzer (person originally saying the false statement) yelling SCHULTZ...often fallowed by the word BITCH... with major emphasis on both schultz and bitch.

The act of schultzing can be further emphasized, for even more comical effect, by making an obvious facial expression consisting of raised eyebrows and a genuinely "stupid look" while directing the original false statement - if put into words the expression tends to say "you dumb bitch your about to get schultzed even though your looking at my blatant schultzing face"

*Schultz success rates tend to drop when presenting the schulting face in the midst of action

*Enen the most professional of schultzers fall victim from time to time, but to be at a truely world class level these occurances most be few and far between
Kevin: "Get off the phone with Laura" (obvious schultzing face present)
Nick: "Im talking to Jamie"
Kevin (and all who witnessed): "SCHULTZ BITCH"
-fallowed by a simultaneous pushing out of lawn chair to further accentuate the the severity of that particular schultz
by Kevin McKay July 17, 2006
v. To check out one's own reflection in all reflective surfaces, including mirrors, office and/or store front windows.

n. Irresistible compulsion to check out one's own reflection in all reflective surfaces.
Franklin wouldn't have tripped and fallen on his face if he wasn't schultzing in that car's window.
by R.Dubs March 5, 2010
to emotionly and intellectually detach from a hated nothing job.
sargent schultz in hogans heros . to see,hear,and know nothing to stay out of trouble,and avoid the russian front. recognising that the reason the old timers at work are bitter is because the gave the company their all and got screwed .and avoiding their fate. knowing that you owe the company what the company owes you nothing. how do you keep from going postal at mcjobs? im schultzing it babby im schultzing it.
by bmut November 4, 2007
1. When a well endowed man shows a girl his member and she runs away sceaming.

2. when an exceptionally well endowed man gets a boner and passes out due to the blood loss

3. when condoms arent big enough and you have to use street cones
megs never been the same since johnny gave have her the schultz

The doctor said that little timmy has the schultz

Dude last night i was with a chick got the schultz, and woke up with a condom in my ass.

dude what the fuck are you putting on your dick, dude i gots the schultz.
by long dong silver888 November 23, 2009