3 definitions by bmut

realist someone who tries to see things as they are not as he would like them to be. a realist knows that a thing may be logical or necessary but still not right. a realist sees that all things have a cost the question is who pays,when,and how much.
an optiomus sees the glass half full the pessiomus sees the glass half empty the realist wants to know what is in the glass. the eeyores who know the fall rains are needed but they still make you cold and wet.realist know that many a
brillant idea has been shot down by reality.
by bmut February 1, 2008
a harmless or nothing person who tries to act tuff or important and becomes a pest. more pathetic than bad.
a yorkie that ankel bites only when its owner is around for protection. the loudmouth that hides behind his friends.mikie the yorkie dragging off your stuff. that mikie is one mean yorkie , he stole my keys.
by bmut February 1, 2008
to emotionly and intellectually detach from a hated nothing job.
sargent schultz in hogans heros . to see,hear,and know nothing to stay out of trouble,and avoid the russian front. recognising that the reason the old timers at work are bitter is because the gave the company their all and got screwed .and avoiding their fate. knowing that you owe the company what the company owes you nothing. how do you keep from going postal at mcjobs? im schultzing it babby im schultzing it.
by bmut November 4, 2007