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When your mad at someone but you still decide to act British so you say "Fuck you m8"
Bob- You can really go somewhere
Micheal- how about this fuck you m8
Bob- ...mk then you wannabe British child
by Ittz_Random May 18, 2018
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When something gay or bad is happenin and you don't wanna be there so you say " Ight I'm gone"
Person 1- Ya we about to go do something down in the back of the store you in?
Me: oh uhhhhh ight I'm gone I'll see yall later in a different life
by Ittz_Random May 29, 2018
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Being mad and evil at the same time >:D
Person 1- Whatchu doin

Person 2- >:):<
Person 1- yeah I'll ttyl......
by Ittz_Random May 31, 2018
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The person that makes other people laugh in exchange for the person that is getting bullied freedom and then they end up a school shooter so congrats you played yourself you FUCKING SHORT DICK HAVING ASS PUSSY ASS NIGGA FUCK WRONG WITH YOU BOY CATCH THESE ELBOWS LIL NIGGA
School bully- *pushes kid into locker* you stay there and don't you even move a muscle

Me- This little white boy really wanna catch these hands if he tries some shit on me
by Ittz_Random May 25, 2018
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The way scarlxrd says lxrd instead of lord
Random Person- lord
by Ittz_Random May 31, 2018
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