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1. A portmanteau word, comprised approximately of giggle and snuggle, used to describe the act of giving love (us. platonic)when entering a chat room. Similar action to glomp.

2. A website devoted to novel-length Harry Potter fanfiction. (
SEVLUVR schnoogled me when I told her how much I liked her latest chapter on Schnoogle.
by Libby November 06, 2003
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Pronunciation: \shnΓΌ-gl\

Function: Noun, verb

Etymology: 21st century Anglo-Swiss colloquialism

1. as noun, schnoogler
an individual, normally of Swiss/Germanic descent that causes grief to the observer in some fashion, derived from the sound the conversation makes due to excessive use of schnu tones.

2. as verb, to schnoogle
(i) to say in a Swiss/Germanic voice or cadence a phrase that is grossly uninteresting or naive conveying lack of intellect or thought.
(ii) to behave in a slightly slimy or underhanded manner or to deceptively schmooze against ones normal code of ethics with sole intent of attaining kudos, 'schnooglebucks' or some other endgame.
(iii) to move by a small almost insignificant amount synonymous with 'noogie'.
'i cant stand the stupid questions from the schnooglers anymore' or 'the schnooglers are driving me nuts'

(i) 'I'm getting schnoogled to death by this mindless blather'
(ii) 'I schnoogled my way into the club by claiming to be someone famous.'
(iii) 'I'm schnoogling the bid because I know he's a seller and I have nothing but disdain for him'
by theswisscowboy January 19, 2010
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To snuggle with and provide love to a tiny baby. This is a sacred act.
He schnoogled Ali while she watched Oprah.
by BigPoop1 February 10, 2011
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To drive a car while smoking marijuana. Taken from the phrase "riding the schnoogleberry express"
wen can schnoogle in my car as long as you bring some air freshener.
by Paulina Ruebenstien September 03, 2006
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when one homosexual male is uncircumsized, and he slides his forskin over another homosexual males penis
"man, that was so awesome when you schnoogled my cock last night, it was like an oven mit...."
by sick fuck July 08, 2003
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