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When something is extremely, wet, gooey, slimy.

1. It was so schloppy, I couldnt hold on to it!

2. I had her so excited, she had to of been schloppy!
by Dzil August 25, 2007
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to be very drunk. to be so drunk that you slur your words frequently. physical coordination is severly impaired. to be obviously drunk.
Did you see that guy doing cartwheels naked on top of the frat house? He was schloppy as hell.

"I couldn't understand a word you said on the phone last night!"
"Sorry, I was really schloppy."
by William Jeffries March 17, 2008
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A messy but hot blow job that requires a lot of spit.
Omg I gave mark such good Schloppy tonight!!!
by sotrue101 December 18, 2017
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