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First populated by old farmers from Europe. Had once old war paths used by Indians in fight. Small populated town, only by 11 farmers at first. Train tracks and station were made the first years the town originated. Was popular for thier cattle and livestock they raised for meat. Along the Lehigh River and Canal. Later said to have a haunted Lady in White who floats above the canal in Autumn, for she is lost and seeking her lover, after a terrible death.
There are such old houses in Walnutport, hopefully they can withhold a storm.
by europopian July 23, 2009
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Neighboring town of Slatington (see 300-pound woman fetish), where children like to get high off of seeds found on the banks of a nearby river, and the main food source is a Burger King on 145. Also known for it's extravagant carnival, and the insane asylum at the edge of town.
I banged all the fatties from Slatington, so I went to Walnutport for more.

As soon as I walked across the bridge from Slatington to Walnutport, I was immediately engulfed by the smell of cigarettes.
by Rahir Jabbar October 31, 2006
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where Native Americans once lived. All the princess indians ran through the woods near a lake and canal. some indians died with wholes all over their faces. they worked for their own good. Settlers moved in and found it comfy. some had farms. .across the lake there are bones from their cows. Later on there were simple romances and lovely ladies ad gentlemen fell in love. the settlers also worked for thier own good. Now, the Haunted town of Walnutport today works for what is right.
In walnutport the girl wasn't careful and she fell, and died with unfinished business woooooo
by 21carnation December 23, 2008
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