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Schloopy is best characterized as the insertion of a sock in a womans vagina, followed by the insertion of the penis into the sock, providing more friction and a ready made cum rag. Derived from the sock puppet on Malcolm in the Middle. Can also be used in the anus, but it is much more painful.
Parker likes to use a schloopy.
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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Pronounced sh-loopy.
:Schloopy is a male cat that is not a kitten but has not reached full manhood yet.
:A Schloopy looks like a full grown cat, but the balls have yet to drop therefore he has not hit man hood.

:Not a kitten anymore and not yet a cat, but a Schloopy
:My Schloopy has tiny balls.
:Look at that Schloopy pissing on grandmas quilt.
:Come here Shloopy so I can beat you for hacking a hairball in my shoe!
:Why does that Schloopy have shit matted in his fur?
by TronMR57 November 23, 2009
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A half erected penis, so that it's hard but has a slight bend or curve to it. Also can be used as an insult to Asians.
Example 1: That girl wasn't too hot, so i got a schloopy.
Example 2:
Dude: Holy shit you're such a fucking schloopy
Asian: WAA!
by yanoboner July 02, 2010
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When a girl's vagina is stretched out during sex, then her partner poops inside her vagina.
"Mike and I did the schloopy last night, and I had to take three showers to get it all out!"
by definition daisy December 04, 2017
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