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A feeling most accurately described and felt when you are on magical mushrooms and feel your body can literally sink into and become one with the given environment. Every action is completely care-free and relaxed. Typically a euphoric state where the social pressures of human interaction and movement are no longer a concern, you are at peace with your well-being and no longer give a shit about what you look like. Most who are shloopy feel a genuine love for all, and wish for all to join you in the shlooping. One can feel shloopy when completely sober.
"Woah man you just effortlessly flopped into the sand with a big grin on your face! you on drugs?" "yah mann, and im feeling sooo goood, i'm feelin mighty shloopy!!"
by Schu-Joh October 17, 2011
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One who shloops or of the shlooping persuasion. Two people who are in love and use this as a nickname. There are only two. They have somewhat of their own language where all words start with "S".
Charlie is Amanda's Shloopy, and Amanda is Charlie's Shloopy!
by Shloopy2 September 15, 2008
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to be tired or sleepy and happy at the same time
Sam is looking real shloopy today because she’s tired but she’s also happy to be with her friends
by alexleighmcc May 13, 2019
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A word derived in 2016 describing a black hole, right before you call off work for the day.
Ethan - black hole .. why not call it a shloopy...

I have to be at work in 11 mins anyway... but I'm not fucking going.

Joe - shloopy, shloopy
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by Ethanthacat April 13, 2016
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