An excuse that the lady in a video on the internet, entitled "EMO IS DEAD" gave for kids who consider themselves emo to use instead. For example you are basically someone who follows a trend or scene, like no offense in some cases a poser.

If you consider yourself emo and listen to Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, All-American rejects, or Hawthorne Heights then your probably a scenesters for you follow a so-called trend or in this case scene.
Emo is dead, those kids who all have thick-rimmed broken glasses who buy their clothes at the thrift store and cry a lot and hate life and cut themselves either like stereotypes, have serious mental problems, or are called scenesters.
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A scenester is the new form of preppy. Judging by looks and popularity alone, defines one person of being their friend. Following the leader, these "scene" people often go to local shows where the music is terrible and people get angry if you decide to go into the moshpit and actually HIT someone instead of some form of retarded breakdancing these losers call "moshing." Often seen wearing clothes with The Nightmare Before Christmas or any type of local band shirt, they think that they are being different. But in fact, their entire social life is based on myspace and following what a single person is doing because they want to be as cool as they are.
I would never want to go to a scenester's show because i is full of retarded breakdancing and the new form of preps.
by Immoral Jester March 12, 2006
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Someone who follows a particular trend (mostly musical) to become more noticable and 'deep'. Being a scenester involves , having fake intrests in things that other people dont like and possibly things that are abstract and strange. Musically a scenester will listen to whatever other do not listen to, and shuns mainstream music for no reason. They will often try to come up with the most unknown bands as possible in order to be more knowledgeable about underground and local music than you are. Often uses words such as, "rad, madcore, the sex, sexy, ace" Etc. Or make up new words to seem at the forefront of being 'in fashion'. Will often like music from past era's because of their distaste in anything current.

The opposite of "down to earth"
Person 1: Hey, so what kinda music d'you like?

Person 2: Uhh, mainly local shiz. I find its much radder than any of that mainstream bullshit. Im really beginning to get into this totally unknown band called "Prolific Utilizations"

Person 1: Fuck off Scenester.
by MikeSloane April 18, 2007
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(Acronym for Scene Kid ) - A Pathetic young person aged under 25 who blindly and mindlessly follows the flock like the Sheep they are but fit the description of: Males - Mohawks or Died hair and "punk" outfits although they know shit about the punk genre and only dress like a punk because its "in style". The female species of this diddicums group has choppy hair often with one side passing over either the left or right eye and is often dyed (usually black). In any cases Scenesters either listen to wussy poser "punk" bands (AKA "punk" bands that are actually on the top 40 or 50 or whatever charts and are overplayed on top 40/50 radio stns) ie. Blink 182, Greenday. or whatevers hot on the charts at current. Scenesters are another Sub-Group of Preps and chavs - sick fucks who like the sheep they are follow the crowd and dont know shit about individuality.
Those Scenesters - they need to be rounded at gunpoint to cathedral square, tied to that cone thingee and executed via firing squad for being poseurs - fuck them all, they die now
by Brother Number One June 29, 2005
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Someone who looks like an emo kid dipped in a vat of Tokyo.
I mean seriously, they listen to pretty awful music and they think they're the shit. Except scene girls usually look like cheap hookers (see sparkly eyeliner) and scene guys look like they could easily be girls. Additionally, both sexes seem to think it's cool and "original" to have hair that resembles mullets seen on members of Motley Crue.
Usually seen roaming the racks of Urban Outfitters, Trash and Vaudeville (New York) and Topshop.
They also read NME. But not to look at the pictures. They like actually read it... and then send in letters. I personally enjoy reading them because they think their opinion matters.
Go to your local town centre. See that loser with the brightly coloured jeans, studded belt, leopard print top and 80s hair with pink in it? Well that there's a scenester. Feel free to throw things at it.
by Elle Forrest-Woods August 28, 2008
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Most likely a 12-14 kid who thinks bands such as Bless the Fall are brutal. They tend to dye their hair unnatural colors and go to shows looking like fags. A scenester actually thinks he/she is different when really they are a dime a dozen.
Scenester: Did u just hear that breakdown?!? Ya Bless the fall is so awesome!

Normal Person:....ur fucking gay
by Pop sucks ballz September 07, 2009
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The latest Pestilence/Epidemic or Craze to hit young people.

The Scenesters have the most appalling style of dress.

- Footless Tights often worn under a ultra short denim skirt with a black belt to support it, often used to "disguise" the fact that she isnt really a floozy but really is.
- Latitude Cap
- Any top that reveals any part of the shoulder (usually bra strap), cleavage or mid-riff.
- Croppy hair (normally dyed black but often blonde)
- Barbie Doll/Plastic looking faces.

- Hair put up into a Mohawk, often died but sometimes is grown long thus the hair comes over the eyes.
- "anarchy" t-shirts or shirts.
- Leather Pants

The Scenesters grammar and spelling is often appalling thus has an appalling command of the english language (even worse than the scenesters cousins - the wigga). They use spelling and "oompaloompa language" as Hay Nigz, and "lyk OMG hes so SXC" i mean what the fuck is that? it aint english.

Scenesters like to think they are there own culture but they are in reality just another sub-class of the prep culture - as long as everybody else is doing it then they are in reality preps

by Brother Number One September 26, 2005
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