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I worked at spencer's gifts in my local mall for a year. In this time I could not help noticing the increase in young teens who seemed to be incapable of combing their hair. It became clear that this suit o-punk/ harajuku style of dress was the new trend.

This started me on a obsessive mission to find out what the heck a scene kid/ scenester actually is.
So through extensive research I've come up with the following conclusive facts:
1. Jeffree Star and his gang (Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, etc.) are the only true "Scenesters". They took they're new found (Japanese pop) style with them to all the hotest clubs a parties in Hollywood. They got famous for being at every party and having more myspace friends than Tom.
2. Jeffree Stars makeup skills and the fashions Audrey brought back from Japanese modeling/fashion arena is what makes up the style we know today as "Scene".
3. The music really has nothing to do with this pop culture movement.

4. Emo/ Indy/ Alternative kids may identify with the style of dress but the way they classify themselves makes them fundamentally anti-social which is the exact opposite of a scenester.
5. Scensters are obsessed with being the center of attention and the life of every party but they like to look cool and aloof while doing so.
These are the only trends and consistencies that exist in respect to the Scene Kids phenomenon. lots of wikipedia, youtube, twitter and buzznet were my sources.
Google image Harajuku Scenester and Scene Kids. You'll find that though the American version is somewhat understated by comparison it's essentially the same thing. As the good book says "there is nothing new under the sun".

Why Don't Scensters wash their hair?

Scenesters don't really know how to wear extensions.
by XstoreclerkpyschstudentX March 17, 2010
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