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an arrogent prick who thinks nothing of breaking ppls hearts infact he quite enjoys it
shes had her heart broken by a gibo
by jack and jill March 17, 2004
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Doing a Gibo : Saying you'll be going somewhere when you have no intention of going whatsoever.
"Are you out tonight?"
1 hour later............
"Gibo, where are you?"
"I'm on my way"
1/2 hour later..........
"Gibo. The taxi's here. Where are you?"
"Can't be arsed. I'm staying in getting stoned"
by boooooth October 30, 2003
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A 'gibo' or 'gibbo' is a slang term which refers to a Gibraltarian. A person born and bred in Gibraltar... on the famous Rock of Gibraltar!

The term can sometimes be offensive but often it is simply used in a friendly or even affectionate manner.
The gibos in Gibraltar are warm, hospitable people!

Those bloody gibos are so laid back, you can never get anything done around here!
by Cybernest February 14, 2009
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when a boy thinks hes all that and trys to think he's better than everyone else. He constantly compliments himself and says how great he is all the time. A.K.A pretty boy
by Wing_Whoe November 25, 2004
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