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When a man just lies there and makes the woman (or other man) do all the work in the sack; the male equivalent of "starfishing".
Man, I was really giving it my all, riding that dude and he was just scarecrowing. What a disappointment.
by FionaB January 10, 2014
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1. The act of killing and hollowing someone out, then stuffing their body with hay or cotton.

2. Standing in a field waiting for something to happen. Usually used as an insult.
1. Did you hear about James? Yeah, some freak scarecrowed him and left him hanging in his apartment.

2. What the fuck is grandpa doing in the yard? He's just standing there scarecrowing and staring at passing cars again.
by Hyptosis June 30, 2011
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1. The act of approaching someone from behind and force punching your fist into there anus, giving the receiver the appearance of a scarecrow.

2. surprise fisting from behind.
1. last night when my girlfriend was changing I totally scarecrowed her.

2. I heard someone is running around at night scarecrowing people.
by Swee7 Chuck March 10, 2014
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