It's to the guy who said u can't say the n word because u are not bIack
Someone: i'm gonna say the n word
Gay Doggo: You cAn'T sAY thE n-WoRD thAt's raCiST to evErY man oF afrICaN deScenT
Everyone: Shut up cracker
by xX_Memester69_Xx September 21, 2019
Something that YOU won't be saying because YOU'RE not BLACK.
Dude: Hey, I'm gonna say the n word
Dude 2: That's racially offensive to every person of african descent, you cannot say the n word.
by Doggocool December 25, 2018
Yeat is a suburban rapper. Why cant yeat say the n word? Multiple black people gave him the n word pass.
Guy 1: Yo, do you know Why doesnt yeat say the n word
Guy 2: Idk but we all know yeat is a pushing p twizzy thats in the tonka and his money is big!
by Quattchini May 18, 2022
Usually said in response to somthing long and/or confusing, saying words means someone or something is stringing along a group of words that make absolutely no sense
"And that's when the mitochondria Buffalo flip-flopped to the skrunkle"
"You are just saying words, what does any of that even mean"
by LavenderCave December 14, 2021