{adjective}: Describe an individual who shows behavior of "NO-FUCKS GIVEN", does not comply to the norm of society. Simply define as a cold-blooded mother fucker.
Steve: "Tina, you dumb bitch, ugly dark skinned unstylish, never having a boyfriend, vaginal smelling ass shit. How are you today, fam?"
John: "You a savage nigga, no fucks is given today at this work"
Tina: "*Sad Face*"
by bigheadsteve July 16, 2015
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Being so ruthless as to make people eat out of your hand
Wow do you see her she's a savage she makes fuckbois eat out of her hand
by Shlongmasta April 07, 2015
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That girl was sooo savage.
I failed my final; it was soo savage.
by Jesse & Erik July 30, 2003
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Leaving you're adopted cousin by himself to go fuck this girl who was your best friends ex then go on explaining to your mom why yiu left him alone and how you haven't been a virgin since sophomore year
by Punk bitch danny December 07, 2016
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