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When a husky (large, or huge) woman opts to wear clothing a size or two (and often 3) too small for them and thus, creating the effect of multiple rolls of fat (like sausage). This could also be described as multiple muffin-tops or jelly-rolls.
* That woman is sure sausaging out of her clothes!
* IN THE ER: Dr! Dr!... hurry... this sausaging woman needs to have her circulation re-stored!!!! code blue!!!!!* I sure like to savor my woman's sausaging curves! yum!
* Where is that saussaging ho!!???

by Carest Lidvau June 22, 2008
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To discribe a man having sex with another man or men
"I bet they love a good sausaging"

homasexual gay sex buming
by Svm December 01, 2015
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When the guy whaps his dick on her clit really hard and it prompts an irresistible sentation and she cums everywhere and the guy drowns his lamentations in cum
Yo i was sausaging yesterday. We both enjoyed it!
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by The awesomeanonymous June 03, 2018
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To put your fist on someone's shoulder, press hard, twist back and forth and say "Saaaaauuuussssaaaage".
Person #1: If you say that again I will punch you

Person #2: Then I'll sausage you! SAAAAAUUUUUSSSSSAAAAGE!

Person #1: Quit sausaging me
by NeeperLimp January 29, 2018
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