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The country that is owns 75% of the USA's economy,

if saudi arabia stopped selling to the USA, the USA's economy would go down the shit hole.
This is why george bush likes them so mutch.
by eastern person February 01, 2005
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The 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' is located on the Arabian peninsula.

The capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. This is where the Royal Family resides.
When I was a little girl, my parents decided to move to the Middle East.

Our life in Saudi Arabia was different from life in western countries in those days.

To us sport(s) ment everything!
by Barbara Gauss October 29, 2005
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1.) A fascist state ruled by a family of despots that uses Islam to defend itself and its ridiculous policies.
Unfortunately, this evil family happens to reign over the land where Islam was founded and two of the holiest Islamic sites.

2.) President Bush's best friend

3.) A dictatorship that un-Islamically abuses women, like it un-Islamically does everything else. Ironically, this country justifies their stupidity with the Holy Quran, which means that this monarchy's royal family are all damned and doomed to hell.

4.) Home to Osama bin Laden, who, like his fellow noblemen and royals in Saudi Arabia, is a nutcase damned and doomed to hell.

5.) An enemy to Islam; an enemy to democracy; an enemy to freedom.
The biggest threat to the United States, Saudi Arabia also happens to be a root cause of suffering in the Islamic world today.
by A Good Muslim December 03, 2004
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A "holy kingdom" run by the corrupt Saudi family, who in 1922, boastfully named the land after themselves.
Kicked out the Hashemite king who once owned their holy cities of Makkah (Mecca) and Medina. His descendant is the current King of Jordan.

Saudi Arabia's main economy is oil production, which is very fortunate. All they have to do is sit back, pray to Allah to pump their oil, and millions of barrels are produced a day.
A country that promotes oppression and hinders human rights.
Full name: al-Mamlakah Arabiyah Assaudiyah
"I want to go to Saudi Arabia for the summer".
-"Sure, if you like seeing injustice under your very eyes."
by a_romijn September 19, 2005
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Proof that time travel is actually possible. One steps inside this absolute monarchy, and steps out into the 7th Century.
In Riyadh on Fridays, one can go to the square outside the major mosque in the city and watch criminals get their heads cut off by a guy with a sword. Cool, huh?

In Saudi Arabia, women aren't permitted to drive or show their faces in public. If they do, then they can be sentenced to a number of lashes by a Shari'a court.

It should be noted, Saudi men also regularly beat their wives. Such are the benefits of being born with a penis in one hand a Qu'ran in the other.

In Saudi Arabia, witches are subject to execution. No, I'm serious. They executed a Nigerian nanny for putting a curse on her employer's family.

And, it should be noted, how do they execute witches? By burying them up to their neck and pelting them with rocks until they're dead. It's called stoning, and sadly is nowhere near as fun as being stoned.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?
by SaudiArabiaSucks January 30, 2011
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A game that is played with a woman and a blanket. It is to simulate how women in Saudi Arabia have very limited rights.
Take the blanket throw it over her head and tell her not to talk. She may resist but if she tries to speak or take off the blanket she is breaking the rules and must be punished.
Guy: "wanna play Saudi Arabia"
Girl: "whats that?"
Guy: (guy throws blanket over her head)"now dont talk"
Girl: (doesnt talk)
Guy: "wow this is reallly fun"
by Dr.Ryan March 31, 2011
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