What one says to another to shut them up from lying, double talk, dancing around an issue, bullsh*tting them, etc. It lets one know you're not going along with or buying what they're saying and/or that you want them to tell the truth, get to the point, shoot straight in the conversation or confrontation.
"Where's my money, Marv?"
"Yo, hey, I've been meaning to call you, something came up, and I, uh..."
"Cut the crap, douchebag, where's my money?!?"

"Whatever, Crystal, cut the crap, you spent the child support on a f*ckin' dress for the club! The judge will love to hear that!"
by Kuahmel January 4, 2010
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1. A person that doesn't stop for chit-chat. A guy who meets a girl and goes out with her the next day cuts the crap.

2. To tell someone to stop talking.
Guy 1- I met a girl last night, I took her all the way to 4th base!
Guy 2- Wow, you really cut the crap.

Guy- So, how long have you been in the mobile phone industry?
Girl- cut the crap and pull your pants down.
by Mr. Cut the Crap November 1, 2008
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Cut the crap or “Ctc” means stop the bullshit or else because that person is doing too much so they have to Ctc or Cut the crap
Person 1: Cheez it’s are nasty

Person 2: Cut the Crap
by Lil_key101 April 29, 2019
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1) That you want to destroy something thatsucks.

2) Inevitably the best sentence that exists in this world. You can use it to express hate.

3)A sentence so master that only masters use it.

4)Song of "Jackyl", this song is well know because of it's chainsaw solo.
1. *Those kids singing... i'm going to cut that crap.

2. *My Girlfriend broke with me, i'm going to cut the crap.
*The movie sucks, someone has to cut it (because its crap).

3. I got a chainsaw, i'm going to cut the crap.

4. Cut it all
so i can feel it
cut it up
so i can hear it
by Darkros January 1, 2009
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