A type of material that is used in various objects
satin is used on cirtain types of Boxer shorts are made from this
by Drone September 13, 2005
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1. A type of fabric often confused for silk

2. A incredible smart , beautiful ,strong or independent woman
Wow are these sheets satin ?

She's really cool, must be satin .
by nitasmoon December 19, 2016
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a Blond lanner whom I have known since october 2003
She has been a good friend and recently become and even better Girl Friend,
She is quiet at times but like Silent bob she speaks at the apropreate moment so what she has said sinks in better.
I have stopped smoking for her and become a better person, she means the world to me.
by Drone August 1, 2004
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The guy people who can't spell worth shit accuse people of worshipping.
You wear a pentacle, you must be a SATIN WORSHIPER!
by Hippy on a Bicycle October 22, 2003
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Often known as the president of the university Engineering Student Society at an unknown university in Halif0fax a city rummored to be in Canada...

Although known by his "real" name while attending electrical engineering classes and at church with his mommy, he is known as, and feared by, his "friends" as "SATIN".
When returning from the bar, one is often prompted to ask: "Satin, are you done puking up those fish scales yet?"
by Douches November 25, 2004
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A new religion that worships the divine fabric... Satin. Not Satan and all of that bullshit, but SATIN. The church of satin is decorated with satin draping all around the walls, the congregation and priest dresses in satin robes, and the priest just talks about satin, and probably uses a lot of fabric related puns.

It is formed mostly just to confuse radical conservative Christians who will inevitably mistake it for satanism. It'd be the next best parody religion to pastafarianism.
"The priest at the church of satinism gave a long sermon about how our creator satin fabricated us into existence..."
by LordHarambe8789 November 22, 2016
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