The art of mastering imaginary numbers and theoretical concepts that never actually work in practice. Then applying these idealistic numbers and concepts, followed by messing with the components until the desired result is achieved.
During her co-op, the electrical engineering student pretended to understand why the low pass filter worked properly.

"I made it up. Some people call that imagination, I call it electrical engineering" - Dave, EE

"Electrical Engineering is basically ME*(CE)^2" - Albert Einstein
by Utternoncents August 11, 2014
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Someone who signed up for at least 4-5 years of insanity inducing torture.
Oh you're going to be an electrical engineer? Hopefully you'll make it out in one piece.
by still_sane December 8, 2012
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A person with substantial skills in imaginary mathematics and the ability to use these unreal numbers to come up with an answer that applies only some of the time.

Also: A person whose ship is so far past the point of entry that the only hope is to crash through the rocks to the other side.
Must be an EE (Electrical Engineer): reference song, "Purdue EE Theme Song - Anon"
by e^(j * pi) = -1 November 19, 2003
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one who is afraid to do chemical engineering and thats why chooses EE, which is easier
chemistry ia pain in the butt, i m just gonna be an electrical engineer
by someone December 1, 2004
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A pathetic human being who studies a ridiculous amount of time just to hardly pass a class. Electrical engineering students are known for their love of MARVEL movies and metal music or punk occasionally, spending hours making edits of their professors, having bad hair, being socially awkward and functioning on little to no sleep. Half of them are sexists. An electrical engineering student can either evolve to a decent and happy human being or continue on and become a professor themselves. As some people say, one dies a hero or lives long enough to become the villain
Person A: Why is this guy hugging his laptop and crying?
Person B: Oh, he must be an electrical engineering student
by au_in_ece June 15, 2020
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