A slight ecidemic that was completely blown out of the proportion by the media and now the fear of traveling threatens to cripple the city of Toronto, even though it was never a big deal.
"Forget SARS, let's party in the T dot, there was never anything to worry about anyway."
by blank May 10, 2003
Scrub Ass Random Syndrome. I.E. Someone who is bad at videogames, mostly referred to in the gears of war series online multiplayer. People who you have never met, and they think they are good but they suck.
Jimmy: Oh my god. These guys are bad.
John: Yeah, they have a bad case of SARS.
by panthanator January 7, 2009
Disease created by the chinese, when trying to create biological weapons that they couldn't contain. Media won't say that though.
The biochemical canister exploded, and all the chinese scientists got SARS.
by AvengerXP June 9, 2003
The ultimate positive extreme, creates a sence of excitement, can be used as an exclamation or an adjective.
Getting head from that hot blonde in my calc class while puffin on some dank nuggets was definately SAR!
by Burnt Pace April 21, 2003
Special Anti-Robery Squad : a special squad set up by the Nigerian government to extort, kill, harass, kidnap and rob the Nigerian youths, they're an anti-robbery squad but they move more like a robbery squad. They profile nigerian youths — if you use an iPhone, dress well, dye your hair or do dreads — they automatically assume you make a living illegally and either extort or kill. They're more like murders endorsed and financed by the government
P : Omo guy I dey go out to, shey I dey fresh?
O : Guy you fresh die but if SARS see you now them fit kill you on top say you fresh

O : I'm going to the office with my macbook and iPhone today I'm dropping my android for the day
F : LMAO, guy better carry your android, them fit kill you because say you dey use iPhone o
by wereydeydisguise October 10, 2020
A group of deadly asian stalker girls that hot guys everywhere have to watch out for.
On a dark and gloomy day, I, a hot guy, spot a SARS stalking me!!
by JP4 October 25, 2006
sars.... a legendary chap , who dwells in the wee hide out of the hinckley borough , he makes his claim 2 fame simply by being a 1 of a kind chap , geniuine , honest and true

if u ever find such a legendary being , then hold it close in your own warmth , and relise wat u have may never be captured again , so look after and maintain as best as u can!
by Me adam February 3, 2010