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Deriving far too much satisfaction from glibly berating another with sarcasm.
"Oh, thanks a lot for drinking my last beer! No, it's my fault... if I wanted it for myself, I shouldn't have put it in the fridge!"
"Dude, don't have a sargasm."
by Ben Frey May 21, 2006
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A women fakes an orgasm, then tells her partner "Yeah, that was great."
After very efficient lovemaking, she told me I did a good job, but I could feel her sargasm as she was laying it on pretty thick.
by Bernard Bangwanger December 21, 2010
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The sense of pleasure derived from the use of sarcasm
It was clear Jim had reached a sargasm after his last use of witty humor due to the look on his face and the fact that he had to go change into a new pair of pants
by Duskninja January 24, 2010
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Like faking it, but obvious. Can be used during really bad intercourse, or just in daily conversation.
"Oh. Oh yeah. You're my Apollo rocket of love. God, yes. My world has been thouroughly rocked. Get off me now."
by CSteel December 02, 2004
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An orgasm where the woman comes in a sarcastic tone of voice, but when asked about the quality of the sex tells the man that the sex was terrible, insults his manhood, and leaves.
"Oh god this is amaaaaazing!!!" said the woman having a sargasm. "So it was good for you?", asked the man. "No, it was the worst sex I've ever had and you should feel horrible about that sex. You suck.", the woman said and promptly left the room.
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Faking an orgasm; or, pretending to enjoy said orgasm but being extremely sarcastic about it.

Derived from the words "sarcastic" and "orgasm."
Nah, it was a sargasm. He's actually terrible in bed.
by WorldOfKelso June 28, 2010
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