Christine announced her sargasm while rolling her eyes, "Oh yes, yes you are so good, oh baby you bring the woman out of me. Now get off of me you fat bastard!".
by Bat Fastard May 02, 2006
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One who overuses sarcasm in a conversation, especially when its not funny anymore.
1: "Wow thats sooooo funny!"
2: "Geez stop having a fucking sargasm"
1: "Sorry MOM. Hahahaha!"
2: "I hope you die horribly."
by WhiteChika May 13, 2014
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1. (n) A conversation which takes place between two or more people, often close acquaintances, possibly after sex, which is so awash in sarcasm that it may be utterly baffling to any passers-by who happen to be listening in.
Typical sargasm:

Dude, have you heard about that up-and-comer Meagan Fox?

Yeah, she's too fat and ugly to ever make it in showbiz, though. She better stick to those Oscar-bait indie films.

I know. I also heard she's planning on staying chaste till marriage. And she's a man.
by BIG_PAPA69 July 11, 2010
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Pretending to have an orgasm during sex and then showing that you didn't climax in order to hurt the self esteem of your sexual partner.
Chick: I made you climax sooooo hard!
Dude: no you didn't, that was just a sargasm
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011
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