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Completely RAD. Comes from an episode of the Battletoads TV show, in which one of the toads refers to something as "psychotronic!!"
Dude, that hoverboard in BttF2 is PSYCHOTRONIC!!!!
by GiantKillerRobots January 10, 2004

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One who seeks to destroy the normal view of irony, either by incorporating innovative new ways of portraying it, or by completely and utterly missing the point.

Word has it's roots in a pre-October 2003 AIM conversation between one GiantKillerRobots and his friend, commenting on a certain song.
Alanis Morissette is an ironoclast. The only thing ironic about that damned song was the title.
by GiantKillerRobots February 22, 2004

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The most awesomest, badassest man in the history of everything. See also AWEXOME TO THE MAxXx, Our lord and savior and Ignorant Fuckwit. WAIT. Scratch that last one.
Man, that GKR is a fucking post whore.
*Head explodes*
by GiantKillerRobots February 22, 2004

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To come to orgasm using only sarcasm. Also, an unintentional orgasm when oneself, or others around you, exhibit an especially profound example of sarcasm.
"NICE shoes, man"
"What the FUCK was that?"
"...I need a towel..."
by GiantKillerRobots February 22, 2004

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An expression said while one party twiddles his or her fingers to the other party's fingers (a modern-day handshake or high-five).
Yo, my homie! Skeet skeet skeet! So, how did your soccer game go?
by GiantKillerRobots March 28, 2005

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