To say the opposite of what is obvious.

Created by the Arch Duke of Wales in the 12 century when he told the king that he "loved the Crusades!". The sarcasm was so missed that the king had 3 more.
Tom: "wow you hit your head really hard. Are you ok?"

Sally: " I FEEL GREAT! ass"

Tom: "really"

Sally: " That was sarcasm Get me some ice."
by SphenMcdanielles March 03, 2009
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1: The national language of Bolivia.
2: A species of small tree frog with a small red crest on its neck, local to South America.
Twilight was a good movie, said a sarcasm-speaking Bolivian tree frog.
by SomeStupidBloke May 06, 2013
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A verbal reflex against stupidity. In my opinion one of the best types of humour.

- Sarcasm

*Man stumbles from a bar holding his stab wounded stomach and bumps into Guy*

Guy: Watch it prick!
Man: Oh I'm sorry. Is my dying getting in your way. Forget calling an ambulance, buy this man a drink.
by Ashleyy(: February 20, 2009
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The most hilarious way to respond to anything. Usually a stupid comment becuase you may just sound retarded saying something sarcastic to something smart.
A dad looks at his son eating a cookie and asks "what are you eating?"

To that the son uses sarcasm and says "green beans."
by ILJS April 28, 2009
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That shit Alana Lawton tries to pull at 11:00
"hey guys lets all get dressed up in like super cute clothes and tight dresses and skirts for absolutely nothing but get drunk and take awkward pictures where we are hugging but theres like 4 feet between us and we are falling backwards and post them on facebook every fucking weekend." (sarcasm
by zahh zahh May 11, 2011
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Bodys Natural Response Against stupid.
Stupid:sarcasm is a gay way of insulting.

Me:You're just too intelligent for it.

Stupid: Of course i am.

Me:I was being sarcastic, douchefuck..
by The Bon and only September 24, 2008
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The best language for someone who asks stupid questions, someone who states the obvious or generally, a dumbass
Dr. House speaks sarcasm

I speak two languages: english and sarcasm
by J'adore UD November 01, 2009
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