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Gift for intelligent, ability to compose messages which questions another’s intellect.

Also known as a sixth sense as one’s ability to detect the offence and threat of one’s self or another’s during sight or hearing of sarcasm.
2 males in a school canteen queuing.

Wang:so are you going 2 buy somting?
Peter: no i just like standing in line with a wang
by LINX August 28, 2004
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Simply a person who feels SHIT.
Often found participating in activities being POINTLESS.
Trying yet failing to enjoy LIFE due to SHIT
Occasionally found committing temporary SUICIDE(also known as sleep).
Example 1: "I'm going 2 die now"
*goes to bed and dozes off*

Example 2: "im going for...8 hour drive..
*gets in car at 11am and comes back at 7am-ish*
by LINX January 12, 2005
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