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To dip two habanero into your mouth holding each of them by the stem, before you eat them. A hot sensation will come upon your head. No matter how much you try to fabricate your face, people will see your pain.
I just tea bagged myself man...shit was hotter than Sade.
by MrTallyMon June 13, 2011
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1. The incorrect way to say "more annoying."

2. A term of endearment.
Obnoxious Person #1: Why do have to be so annoying??

Obnoxious Person #2: You're annoyinger than me. U mad??
by MrTallyMon November 15, 2011
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Refers to woman's breast that have not had any surgical operation performed on them that would make them bigger, or on rare occasions, smaller. The original pair of breast. Better than the fake ones.

In a way similar to stock rims on a car. Which are the rims that come with a brand new car when it's manufactured.
Jenna Jameson definitely doesn't have stock boobs. I don't think she ever did.
by MrTallyMon August 8, 2012
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A phrase stated to another person, either family, friend or....anyone you have respect for. A sincere compliment.
*John is waiting at the bus stop*

*John recognizes an old friend walking*

*John introduces himself*


"Ma Man!"
by MrTallyMon July 22, 2017
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Man: I just wanted to tell you so much that I really like you.
Woman: Awwww that's so sweet of you, I like you too.

Trust me people, that's devilish woman is really into sarcasm nowadays.
by MrTallyMon December 27, 2011
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Pertaining to a person on the dance floor who is simply "in the zone" when dancing. The person no longer knows there is a audience around them viewing their simply amazing (or atrocious) dance moves. It last for at least 30 seconds and only god knows how long it could last for....
Daaaaaaaam, That mutha fucka was gettin it at the club tonight!!
by MrTallyMon January 22, 2011
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Another way to say to say gluteus maximus (or any other synonym of that, such as "ass").

Best used by 14 year old kids when their parents are in the same room as them when they're playing online games.
Hahaha o man that guy really kicked your a-rab. You're sad.
by MrTallyMon December 27, 2011
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