An ancient Greek poet.

Little is known of her life and what litle information we do have comes from her poetry, which consists of one complete poem, several long fragmants, and countless smaller pieces.

Reportedly bisexual and had relationships with men and women throughout her life. But women were clearly her main objects of affection; From her, we get the word "sapphic", and the word "lesbian" derives from the Isle of Lesbos, where she spent most of her life.
"For that girl, that lovely maiden; the clinging
of her dress makes you shake when you see it,
And I laugh for joy." -Sappho.

"On the throne of many hues, Immortal Aphrodite,
child of Zeus, weaving wiles--I beg you
not to subdue my spirit, Queen,
with pain or sorrow

but come--if ever before
having heard my voice from far away
you listened, and leaving your father's
golden home you came

in your chariot yoked with swift, lovely
sparrows bringing you over the dark earth
thick-feathered wings swirling down
from the sky through mid-air

arriving quickly--you, Blessed One,
with a smile on your unaging face
asking again what have I suffered
and why am I calling again

and in my wild heart what did I most wish
to happen to me: "Again whom must I persuade
back into the harness of your love?
Sappho, who wrongs you?

For if she flees, soon she'll pursue,
she doesn't accept gifts, but she'll give,
if not now loving, soon she'll love
even against her will."

Come to me now again, release me from
this pain, everything my spirit longs
to have fulfilled, fulfill, and you
be my ally -Sappho.
by Lorelili March 22, 2005
Of or relating to lesbian behavior or acts.
Jane: I was hanging out with Michelle the other night watching March of the Penguins and doing shots of Cuervo, and suddenly she kicked off her Teva sandals and got all Sappho on me.

Josie: No way! Was she wearing her Raiders sweatshirt?

Jane: She was!

Josie: Beware the Raiders-Cuervo Sappho effect!

Jane: No, it was totally hot! Kiss me!
by JohnnyAZ May 9, 2006
Sappho was a greek poet from the island of Lesvos. She was known for her sensual poems directed at the goddess Aphrodite and other women. From her name we get the term sapphic and from her birthplace we get the term Lesbian.
Sappho was often referred to as the tenth muse because her ballads were that good.
by Sweetmothersappho May 11, 2019
When two lesbians handshake their hands while one is performing vaginal fisting and the other anal fisting on a third lesbian.
"Ok, my hand is inside her kitty, put your hand inside her back hole and lets do Sappho's handshake."
by Bryan D. Smith November 15, 2018