Hellen (The goddess of the sun,the sunlight or light)as her name's implies,is such a sweet soul!!!
This girl shines wherever she goes and day after day,she slays life.Hellen isn't one to take insults or disrespect and one day,she is going to be extremely successful and anyone who has said something bad about her will regret it(If they don't already)Hellen is a go getter and almost tooooo funny and once you get to know her,you might consider her as too ambitious or too loud,but she hides behind this because,she has been through alot in life.
And ooooh,Hellen is fucking smart,too honest to a fault and too beautiful for her own good!
"Get you an Hellen"
"Look bro,Hellen's on her way.
by Niklaus10 February 3, 2020
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A hot and attractive woman who has a spectacular smile that'll pull you in from first glance. If she falls in love with you, she truly loves you. Shes loyal, she is everything you could ever ask for. One of the hottest girls in the world, known as a "SEX DEVIL" She can do anything she puts her mind to which shows shes smart. Everyone needs a Hellen in their life because shes amazing.
Omg look at hellen, shes so Fucking Beautiful.
by TYRONEBBC January 26, 2020
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Hellen nice beautiful girl that's trust worthy as fuck and cares about her friend's and her family
So you like hellen, I don't judge she's really hot
by Rosalba ramos April 7, 2017
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hellen is hot as fuck everyone want to be friends with hellen sigh
by ilyxxx June 21, 2013
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A trash panda who litters all the time, probably living in like trångsund or something. Has a small dick, but enourmous ballz (Threesticle) Mean and short, but chill af. Always falling for some reason and likes yalla a lot.
Henry: You saw Ellen today?
Ludvig: Yeah, she was behaving like a total Hellen
by Hlut October 20, 2021
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a bodacious babe. a girl who is extremely attractive
by 85yo58 February 6, 2008
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the proper word for someone whos is greek who comes from HELLAS not GREECE! GREKO meant slave in turkish, so thats what they named the hellenic peoples. NOW PEOPLE THINK THAT HELLENIC PEOPLE FROM HELLAS ARE GREEKS FROM GREECE! LEARN IT CORRECTLY!
Person: Hello there are you a greek from greece?

Hellenic Person: No I am not a slave from slaveland asshole, the Hellenic people kicked out the fucking Turks and owned them. I am a Hellenic man from the country of Hellas
by Timotheos April 20, 2006
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