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A well known brand of what could be considered London Dry Gin.
It's name originates from it's popularity in India during the period of British colonization of south Asia and the Sapphire is believed to be referring to the Star of Bombay.

It is quite Tasty and makes use of a good balance of spices and Juniper and is good for making cocktails or just drinking plain.
Waiter: Anything to drink?
Man: Gin & tonic, please.
Waiter: And what brand of gin?
Man: Bombay Sapphire, thanks.
by t1ger2009 August 22, 2010
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A blow job from an Indian chick fresh after she downed an Indian meal spiced heavily with curry causing a long lasting burn on the gentleman's johnson.
Juan couldnt walk normally for five days after he took Dashiki to an Indian restaurant for their first date and received a Bombay Sapphire in the car immediately after dinner.
by Western Grip October 05, 2011
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