a term used in Nigerian Pidgin English to describe a state of being extremely broke or poor, usually after spending extravagantly.

synonym: owu
them no dey tell person, when sapa hit you, you go know.

i fit see garri drink for your hand? sapa don hold me.
by reserved icon November 25, 2020
The final stage of brokeness where all hope is lost
Sapa don hold me... I don die
by It's...okay March 14, 2021
Nigerian English term to describe a state of being financially finished, without funds, nairaless, bankrupt.

Having a three figured account balance.
"How far, I fit see 50 naira for your hand?"

" Omo, I no get shishi. Sapa dey choke me. "
by låtør May 1, 2021
The state of being extremely broke or poor. It usually hits University students the hardest!
Omooo.... Sapa don hold me ooh
Boss I fit see 2 hand of Garri. Sapa don dey my side
by Supreme Shizzy May 24, 2021
Spirit of poverty that targets you all the time, especially as a university student.
I gatchu bro. I dey your back like sapa.
by Addei March 18, 2021