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To Urinate. Originated from japanese in Hawaii. It is in the pidgin english family of words
I gotta go shishi, girlfren. Wea da bachroom?
by Lindsey April 21, 2003
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A synonym for anything 'upscale.' Can be hypenated as shi-shi.
I went to Nice and stayed at a shishi hotel right on the boardwalk.
by Albert Legend May 15, 2008
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Used to define someone or something that is unattainably sophisticated. Uber chic, a step up.
"This restaurant is so shi-shi!"
by Sam Mehrotra August 07, 2007
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This mythical beast was probably introduced to Japan from China via Korean in the 7th or 8th century AD, during the same period as Buddhism's transmission to Japan, for the Japanese shishi combines elements of both the Korean "Koma-inu" (Korean dog) and Chinese "Kara-shishi" (Chinese lion). One prominent theory holds that the shishi derives from the Chinese Foo Dog. Lions, by the way, are not indigineous to Japan, China or Korea, and supposedly entered those nations in the form of imported art and sculpture, with the earliest traces of the animal appearing in China's Han Dynasty (about 208 BC to 221 AD).
by GhostlyFire April 13, 2009
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urine, urinating- the act of, urinated
I got sprayed with shi shi... I have to go shi shi... I just made shi shi
by MVC November 16, 2003
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