A really yummy drink usually homemade from red wine and fruit. Tasted koolaid-ish and gets you tanked. Also means Blood in Spanish
I made some Sangria for Skank's party.
by SummerT March 23, 2007
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sangria refers to a girl's period ; red like sangria
"I spot a stain on that girl's pants she must be having sangria this week."
by emolyfe4lyfe November 12, 2017
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Refers to a gay man who has had too much to drink.

Based on the Spanish wine-drink Sangria. When you finish drinking a glass of Sangria, all that's left is fruit that has been soaked in booze.
Look at that guy over there trying to dance to Lady Gaga. He can hardly even stand up!

Someone should cut that Sangria off.
by GhettoPenguin April 08, 2010
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A religion from Illinois which uses rituals that either face the moon or face away from the moon.
Under the glow of the full moon, the practitioners of sangria were able to drink their frosty beverages and perform the sacred ritual.
by xymox101 April 22, 2008
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Slang for a couple of drunk cats. Typically the cats aren't actually drunk, but act like they have been exposed to alcoholic drinks someone left out, like a sangria or margarita. If someone's cats acts

weirder than you would ever expect, and makes little to no sense, you can say they are sangrias and margaritas.
Person: That person's cats are really weird. They act like they're drunk.
Other person: I guess the cats are sangrias and margaritas.
by Benjamin Steele March 13, 2018
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A refreshing beverage made by shoving a Sour Patch Kids up a urethra (usually not your own) and urinating into a glass. If made correctly, it should appear red to the sight and sour to the taste.

Stu: Hey man I'm thirsty!
John: So?
Stu: Sooooo, Can I use you to make a Sour Sangria!?
John: S-s-sure. T-t-t-that's what f-f-friends are f-f-f-f-for...
by MoFo Myth June 28, 2016
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When a woman's hair, especially the bangs area, becomes messy and wavy after partying hard in a club or bar (like Sangria Bar @ Redondo Beach).
"Man, my hair looks like crap, i must have Sangria Hair!"
by JamieB4 January 01, 2009
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