Someone who has an anger management problem. He loves bottom feeders who suck the blood out of anything they can get (example, "Hey let me get some of that?" or "Hey where are yall going i'm gonna come too?") or ("Hey can you do me a huge favor and drive me to lawrenceville right now?"). Someone who loves Adderall and all of its effects. Someone who can't resist a good Gravidee.
Hey Sands, how much did you get leeched off today?
by shawanda December 14, 2005
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Noun, the possession of which is used to describe anything particularly loud, powerful, manly, challenging, and potentially intimidating, usually mechanical and exciting. Often used primarily to describe hot rods.
That carb finally gave the motor some sand.
by David Sclothe May 19, 2006
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When a intervidual acts in a superior way. Also can be put before the word ledge. For example.
OMG Josh And Liam Are Sand Ledges!
by Liam The Ledge August 31, 2007
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Extremely crowded, full of people.

Est. in Encinitas, CA.
"I went to the party but it was really sand, I could barely breathe"
by Mustang February 19, 2005
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