A state of mental incompetence that is achieved after consuming a vast amount of varied alcohol based beverages. levels of sand can be determined by the current mind state of the individual and comparing it with there state of mind prior the alcohol being ingested.
"Your in sand"
"Yours heads in the sand there"
"you are the sandman"
"your still in sand"
by Bob smarts April 11, 2008
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An abbreviation for "sandwich" Also see "sans"
Dude, that chicken sands your mom made tore up my stomach.
by bmojo June 27, 2007
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Sex and Sandwiches. What women are good for.
Im going to get some S and S from my woman tonight!
by Ramon321 January 14, 2007
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1960's surfer slang. Used much like "crap" or "crud" today to denounce the appearance of something.
"Schya, bro, Johnny's car looks like sand"
"Schya, bro, I heard he got in a race with a real bad sleeper"
by Justin Briggs October 12, 2006
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