Tiny rocks or pebbles that Anakin does not like.

(I don't like sand either)
Anakin:I don't like sand its rough course and it gets everywhere
via giphy
by Sean :] March 05, 2020
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(Verb) to get all up in someone’s shit the way sand gets in your ass crack.
by FamilyJulsie April 07, 2018
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a one syllable abbreviation for sandwich.

Also spelled sans
damn yo, that chicken sands your mom made tasted like shit.
by bmojo June 08, 2007
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Sexy Ass Ninja Dude
or Sexy Ass Ninja, Damn...
Dude, did u see that SAND?
Oh that guy?
Damn, I want to be just like him.
by JHO~ November 25, 2010
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When a girl has a perfect ass, “man she has some sand
Look at that sand, dam that’s a lot of sand
by Kyle 420 September 20, 2019
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