To deliberately perform at a lower level than you are capable of
He was sandbagging at practice, but kicked ass at the track meets.
by Rob D. October 19, 2003
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Used in street racing. It means to be cheated out of a race or the opponent purposefully slowing down so the margin of victory seems smaller then it actually was.
That guy was sand bagging me so bad, dude!
by Stik E March 6, 2007
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A sexual act in which 2 people are having intercouse on a beach and the male ejaculates inside the woman, thus getting her pregnant; after which he throws sand in her face and runs away, laughing hysterically, hereby leaving the woman blind, and knocked up. Can be found most often during spring break.
"I sand bagged this hardcore slut down in Cancun!!"
by Foghat May 10, 2004
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After recieving oral sex, you ejaculate on to the girls face. Then you proceed to throw sand on her face, and it sticks.
by Spot March 10, 2004
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when a girl slaps a guy with her boob.
Jill was sand bagging Jack
by lmaomofo September 13, 2011
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Grabbing an ugly girl's large breasts as she dances with her back to you. Similar to brown bagging, but you forgot your bag so you turn her around instead and grope her breasts in drunken pleasure. Sand Bagging may result in hogging.
"Did you see Mike dancing with that fat chick last night? That sand bagging son of a bitch!"
by Hogalicious! January 3, 2007
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A word usually used by Truckers meaning slow driving or taking ones time.
A lot of heavily loaded trucks will be "Sand Bagging" while driving up a steep grade( a large hill or mountain)
by Timothy D. Wilson January 1, 2008
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