a holy or sacred place; a retreat or private place; Derived from Latin word sanctus
I had a wonderful time creating my own sanctum this weekend.
by Freelover April 5, 2010
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Another name for one's taint, the area between the reproductive organs and the anus. A combination of "Sack/Scrotum" and "Rectum".
I sometimes forget to wash my sanctum.
by lalaveg03 January 30, 2011
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The bang sanctum is the designated area in a home where sexual intercourse takes place. For most it would be the bedroom. For others, for example, it might be a another room in the home. The bang sanctum can involve toys of any kind, and is not limited by the type of sexual intercourse that occurs.

This term was coined by TimTheTatman a.k.a TimTheFatman, and uploaded by Shvok.
"Hey babe, I'm going to carry you into the bang sanctum."
by Shvok March 16, 2017
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The hardcore level female security group in Final Fantasy XIII located in Edenhall. They look like they are wearing dominatrix outfits and will beat the crap out your team.
wtf? a Sanctum Inquisitrix? I'm about to be pwnd.
by AntiAnon May 2, 2011
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1. the anus, that holiest of holes, a place that only the privileged may enter
2. the anus when smeared with santorum, a term popularized by sex columnist Dan Savage and his readers.
3. the home of Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)
I got drunk last night and got pegged in my sanctum santorum.
by Mitchell April 25, 2004
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Notably different than 'Sanctum Sanctorum'.

The classical Latin phrase 'Sanctum Sanctorum' means literally "Holy of Holies." It was originally applied in a religious context to the most sacred place within a sacred building, such as a temple. However, in common usage can also be applied to mean any reserved, private, or much-valued place.

'Sanctum Santorum' has two meanings:

1.) Holy Shit
2.) That most precious and sacred place in your body where one may find Santorum
You are told by a co-worker on a Monday morning that your boss was arrested over the weekend for man-on-dog sex. The only appropriate response: "Sanctum Santorum!!"

You are disapprovingly describing an acquaintance who acts like a slut. "He doesn't treat his body like a temple. His Sanctum Santorum is anyone's for the asking."
by PeterBenFido February 27, 2011
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A Penis Sanctum is a reference to a gay mans bedroom.

"Freddy, after a long night of partying, brought Josh back to his Penis Sanctum"
by Zak Heath July 6, 2007
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