a word to say after any statement or anything at all.
person: ugh im so bored
me: same

person:i wish i was taller

person: sometimes i cover myself in chocolate then roll around in chocolate and pretend im chocolate
me: same

*building explodes*
me: same
by om&m July 11, 2013
A word that can act as a reply to literally any possible sentence imaginable.
Person 1: "Don't you just hate it when people say 'same' after everything?"
Person 2: "Same"

Person 1: "GAAAH! My leg just exploded!"
Person 2: "Same"
Person 1: "Really?"
by Blobby101 May 23, 2010
when you agree with something or something pertains to you.
Danie: OMG!!! I just got Lady GaGa tickets!
Hanna: same

Maryam: I just watched Pretty Little Liars!
Hanna: same

Arthur: I'm changing my name to Laquifa
Hanna: same
by bacon101 March 21, 2013
a type of comeback that can be used for any topic.This word can be as good as the "your mom/mum" comeback or even better.This word is probably the best counter to anything.This can be used even if it didn't make sense as it will shut down the aggressor.
sample 1

foe: Your mum was sloppy last night so I backhanded her
you: same

sample 2
foe: lol you have a small cucumber.
you: same
by jarvava August 4, 2015
What to say after everything.
CitizenFish: WOWPROWOW
Insomniac: same
by Insomniac March 8, 2005
What you say after someone insults you. It is the last resort if you have been insulted with a "your face" comment. It confuses the big mean bully and they will go home crying to mommy.
person 1- hey fag! you're a dork
person 2- your face is a dork
person 1- same
person 2- hey! Now i have nothing else to say. Im gonna go home and cry now.
person 1- loser
by throbbingpinky July 9, 2005
a comeback to literally anything. People typically say this when they relate to what someone just said.
“I”m literally so tired. I stayed up all night last night”. “Same”.
by alexandra19 August 31, 2019