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A very intelligent and beautiful girl. Though cute and corny things are her favorite, she will definitely see right through you if you don't mean it. This girl is notorious for being a head-spinner in any room, and usually the first to hit the dance floor to "dance as if no one is looking." Because of this, it is not surprising that every man who comes across this girl becomes hopelessly infatuated and obsessed with her. However, above all else, this girl has values. She is very loyal to her man and, therefore, is currently unavailable. Rude pick-up lines, wolf calls, douchebags, being "hit on," and inappropriate touching result in a slap in the face by this girl. The best response is achieved with a simple friendly smile, followed by a well-mannered introduction. If done correctly, one is almost guaranteed to make a great friend with her.
Friend: So who's this Danie you keep talking about?
Boyfriend: Only the sweetest, most beautiful girl that has ever walked the face of this earth!!
by KeepDancingWithMe October 20, 2010
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A mixed chick with a nice ass and a deepthroat who often hangs out with alot of Men who falls for her and she ends up breaking their heart for one of their best friends
Guy:Hey, you remember that danie form last month?
Friend:The one that you went suicidal for? Yeah i remember her. She had my kids.
by Christina Smith June 13, 2008
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