Can be shy but once you get to know her she's funny and lighthearted. Saman's can be indecisive but, they always have their best interest at heart. You can hurt her feelings and you won't even know because she can cover her emotions easily. She's like a flower. She blooms with kindness and can always make the mood lighten but then, she begins to wilt and fade if shes taken advantage of. She has this natural glow, that entices you to know her but, one wrong move and you're going to be shut out.
Oh my goodness, Saman always makes me laugh!
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most beautiful girl. beautiful face, body, personality. purest. extremely forgiving and loving and gullible. is prestige but doesnt know it. every girl wants to be like her. but shes one of a kind none can get. shes very honest and cant lie even if she tried. never opens up about anything going in her life. everyone trusts her. prettiest face i hav ever seen in my
''i want saman''
''so do i''
''i wanaa make er mine''
''not happenin in this world cuz''
by Jeremielll December 05, 2017
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A company, used mainly in london. Samo Co was the original name, but was quickly replaced by Saman in the late 18th century.
Boy1:do you have the latest Saman phone? the Saman FU666!

Boy2:no, but i wish that i did have it. man it looks so good.

Boy1: innit bruv.
by L0lz0r May 03, 2006
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A name used to describe an uptight person who insults you badly and for no real reason. A Saman normally links the army and uses slang from decades ago.
<Kid One> I could really go for some poontang.
<Kid Two> No thanks
<Kid One> Your mom is no thanks
<Kid Two> Hey? Saman?

Kid One is the Saman
by Gruce McKenzie April 15, 2004
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