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A type of drug that produces Hallucinations, whether they be auditorial or visual. A Hallucination is something that inst real but you are aware of it by seeing/hearing it, so Hallucinogens create sites and sounds that arent real.
My second time taking LSD, a Hallucinogen, i store at my ceiling and hallicunated beautiful girls faces swirling around in geometric patterns, changing colors.
by Endless Night October 29, 2006
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Classes of psychoactive drugs that can cause subjective changes in perception, thought, emotion and consciousness. They are often (atleast in my experience) feared by most usually due to being uneducated about them. They typically have low to no detrimental side effects and are used for a variety of purposes like religion, meditation, self exploration and improvement, fun, and I'm sure many others. Many of these "Drugs" are naturally occurring and have been used for many, many years by many cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and a variety of cultures. If you're thinking about doing them, not that this is an endorsement as they are certainly not for everyone, you should probably be familiar with it's effects, proper dose, and be prepared for the possibility of the infamous "Bad Trip". They should be taken in a safe, comforting environment while under the supervision of a "Sober Buddy" if possible. On a side note, not a bad idea to keep condoms on you and stay away from knives. Wish someone would have told me that... what a great time <3
Examples of Hallucinogenic drugs are DMT, LSD, Many of the 2C family drugs, Shrooms, ect.
by Insideoutofme October 10, 2011
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Another word for psychedelic drugs. Some make things wavy and walls breath. Others make things swirl and drip. Some make you feel small, others make you feel big, as ten feet tall qualifies as a giant. Some make you emotional and giggly, provoking insights into people in the world. Others make you analytical and Mr scientology. Then you have the rest that do who knows what, ask the people that know more.
A Hallucinogen is self explanatory. They make you hallucinate and temporarily psychotic.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot August 01, 2016
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