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What Jimmy Neutron calls normal table salt
Jimmy: Just some sodium chloride.
Skeet: Dude, it's called salt
Jimmy: That's what I said, sodium chloride
by R O O S T E R February 25, 2018
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(n.) A smart way of telling somone that they are giving only bad feedback to a produkt or comment. It is referd to as "Salt" by pesants.
Fanboy: Holy shit ps4 is so crappy no one should ever buy it.

You: Out of all the minerals on earth you choose Sodium Chloride.
by Wenzelthenerd March 08, 2017
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Skeet: Dude, you missed a spot.
Jimmy: I've got it. Just a little sodium chloride.
Skeet: Actually dude, that would be salt.
Jimmy: That's what I said.
Skeet: No you said sodium chloride you faggot autistic pudding for hair ass bitch
by DrTalentedTongue October 01, 2018
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Used to replace the word 'back' in a sentence.
So used as 'back' is often miss-typed as 'nacl' in instant messaging.
''Mate, when will you be Sodium Chloride?''
''You Sodium Chloride?''
''I'll be Sodium Chloride in an hour or so.''
by gravy123 August 19, 2011
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The product of a reaction between sodium and chlorine extremely vigorously. The product, sodium chloride, is highly toxic, and should not be consumed, as anything more that 1 part in 10 will kill you, on the spot.
Mmm, sodiumy
by chachacha February 12, 2004
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