Refers to the procedure by which a sizable puddle of ejaculate is deposited in the small of a female's back. Care must be taken in the process so as not to let your "ropes" create a sticky web instead of a consolidated pool. The desired effect is most readily accomplished following standard doggy-style intercourse. See also great salt lake.
So I was playing hide the flesh torpedo with Cindy last night and I totally sold out and laid a salt lake on her tramp stamp.
by qroberts May 22, 2008
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An MLS team (Major League Soccer) team based in the Sandy neighborhood of Salt Lake City, UT. They first joined MLS as an expansion team in the 2005 season. The first goal in the team's history was scored by Jason Kreis against the LA Galaxy. In 2007, he was asked by owner Dave Checketts to retire and be the head coach of the team. They opened their new stadium (Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy Utah) on October 9, 2008. In 2009, RSL beats the Colorado Rapids 3-0 to clinch a playoff birth. They upset the Colombus Crew in the Easter Conference semifinals 4-2 and the Chicago Fire 0-0 (5-4 on penalties) in the finals. They then play the LA Galaxy in the MLS cup final. The match took place at Qwest Field (now known as Lumen Field home of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC) on November 22, 2009. Mike Magee scores early for the Galaxy but in the second half, Robbie Findley scores for RSL to tie. The match continues through OT to a penalty kick shootout. Robbie Russell scores the game winning penalty causing RSL to win 5-4 on penalties. They also made an appearance at the 2013 MLS cup final at Sporting Kansas City but lost in penalties
Guy #1: Did you see Real Salt Lake upset the LA Galaxy last night?
Guy#2: I was blown away

Guy#1: Yeah I'm sure Nick Rimando's back still hurts from carrying the team
by bmhorton March 09, 2021
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the capital city of the awkwardly cool state of utah mromons abound here the city has a great university with a rocking party/local music scene. Also as the third highest gays per capita of any capital
dude i totally saw a show in salt lake city last night
by thatfuckinggaykid October 18, 2009
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The act of oral sex through a mormon glory hole. Usually performed through the hole in a sheet, to prevent body contact and resulting impure thoughts.
Not wanting to remove his own magic underwear, he instead gave her a Salt Lake Lickey.
by diaphanous December 27, 2008
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The biggest city in Utah. Besides Reno, it is the only major city in the Great Basin.
"Weed's illegal in Salt Lake City...AND the state of Utah."
"Then I'm not going!"
by CBinion91 April 07, 2020
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A wonderful city in the beautiful state of Utah; known for the abundance in Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members. Also known for the teenagers that ride fixed gear road bikes (fixie kids). Amazing and majestic mountains and THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH!!! Known very well for the amazing ski resorts.
A fantastic place to live!!!
Person1: Where should I move to?
Person2: Salt Lake City, Utah man! It's soo awesome there! It's a really freindly and beautiful place to live!
by the green teen January 10, 2010
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