Ramsays 2nd home..besides the bogan household on merrylands rd.
*joel and justin walking*

Joel > yo imma roll some bogey for jordans

Justin > why would a bogey be wearin jordans foo


*walk past rsl*

jeff/kezza/ramsay > OGM HI2U U BRING TEH SMOKEZ BOIZ

both > wtf cunts, go home

jeff/kezza/ramsay > we are
it means realsinnerlives also the coldest cult out RSL SHIT FOREVER

it has 8 members the most popular are makhi river and Keyon

Gets a lot of hate
Cadwallader is against them
by supersickdick February 4, 2019
The RSL Nucleus is a group of people whose purpose is to act the goat while annoying and disrupting smogon activity in the grove area
Musty: "Fuck you lot im being a smogon"

Paul: "Fuck that im gettin off this fence and joining the RSL Nucleus!"
by CJMcPot November 21, 2011
Clique meaning “Real Slime Living” made by rapper 85 Sizzurp.
Putting RSL by your name means your in RSL Gang.
by 85 Sizzurp May 3, 2021
An acronym that stands for "Raging So Loud
Anonymous- "Whitney, calm the fuck down! Quit raging so loud"
Whitney- "I cant fucking help it"

RSL means Rage So Loud
by RSL ANONYMOUS June 30, 2015