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The sexual act in which a woman puts testicals In her eyes (hence safety goggles) and her tongue up an ass hole while the cock is slapped against her forehead. Usually willing but in forced cases see safety sunglasses
aj: did u hear that girl squeal when the got a pearl necklace? logan: ya dude i heard mike gave her some safety goggles too! aj: she had chocolate on her lips, extra eye lashes and a white head band on?!
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
The fat above the penis/ vagina and below the "fat ridge" located directly above your the belt. Often times people with a peniscus must set their bloated carcass ass on the toilet seat and hope they situated themselves in such a manner that their shit and other excriment rolls down their fat creases and into the toilet instead of all over the floor or themselves. The only action left is to hop in the shower.
Oh my god! my peniscus just put my shit all over the floor! Damnit! Help! for the love of god someone clean up my shit!
by ajgamerguy June 15, 2007
The expression to use when utter horrifying events, in a movie or real life, leave you with a horrifying feeling and you wish nothing more than for god to erase that event from existence.
Logan: DEAR GOD, NO GOD! aj: *gag noise* mike: what!?. . . Oh GOD! they all watch as a fat man gets gorilla masked!
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
When a man forcibly gives a woman safety goggles
Aj: dude i heard logan gave some girl safety sunglasses! mike: dude that is so fucked! i only give out safety goggles.
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
(Also called flip phone) a man makes a curve of his thumb and middle finger, jamming them into the anus and vagina of a girl and then forcibly flipping her over by this hold. Usually in preparation of unwanted anal or doggy style sex.
Aj: Last night was amazing dude. mike: what happened with you and ginger dude? aj: i totally spatula'd That slut bag! logan: shit you have her a fat flip phone eh? aj: ya then i suprised her with some gross butt sex and a shit covered houdini! aj's father: good god son! ill nub you if you touch her gross infected ass again.
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
To be poked, prodded, rubbed, touched, slapped, screwed or otherwise come in contact with a severed or retarded or birth defected appendage.
"Dude aj's perv ass dad just nubbed me with his halfinger! *gag Noise* 2. "your mal formed nub isn't worth . . . . . . . one god damn!" 3. "Did you hear? logan just got his ass nubbed! by that weird sweaty kid with the severed arm!" poor logan *gag sound*
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
Nick-name for any girl with nice titties and body but as soon as you get under her shirt or in her pants you quickly find that she has skin that feels like disgusting ass dragon scales so you fake an orgasm and get out asap.
Logan:*Sad look* AJ: Something wrong bro? Logan: #She who will not be named# turned out to be a Dragon Scales bro!! AJ: Dear God! No God!
by ajgamerguy August 30, 2007