Everyday .

Not your average I have a joint on Christmas type person . Someone who lives and loves the art and passion of cannabis, someone who’s eyes are always red. It’s safe to be safe . When it’s 420 day everyday . Whatever your tool of choice if your blazing on the daily your definitely safe.

It’s not a phase that your going through it’s living your life to the true !
Hey, you getting high today ? Of course bro , I’m SAFE !!

Stay safe mate.... everyday brother!

Hey bro where’d you get that awesome stoner shirt ? Oh bro I got it from safe . Stoned as fuck everyday .

Hey babe that’s a sexy looking top I love the smoke it, it’s delicious weed plant on there .

Thanks honey I got it from Safe
by Sweetlilphsyco April 21, 2019
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a term used mainly in the UK meaning "okay" "good" "nice" "hello". it is a term that has replaced the usual meaning of safe in the way that means youre a nice person. many man dem use this term, amongst chavs who use it too. it is part of the slang that is widely used around the world
"ay blad, whats guanin, yo lookin safe ya knowz"
"fo sho man dem, dem ones are too safe"
"safe bob, for the weed, shit got me high"
"what are you dumb, youre gonna get murked manz is takin it for a boi like manz is safe an ting"
"easy now, move on, manz tinks hes safe"
by man dem September 06, 2005
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a way of basically saying thanks or ok among people. usually used in england areas.
Some Guy: I did your favor that you asked me to do.
Weird Man: Oh, Safe.

Harris John The 4th: Well meet at the shops at 7:30, yeah?
William Shakespeare Jr.: Safe.
by sakib January 24, 2008
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.....safe is not welsh, infact it coems from inner city black communities, because the word is of Carrabien origin, and has been picked up by people from the yardies that came over in the last century...so no, u thick twat, it is not of welsh origin, Goldie lookin chain did not invent safe, claat or heavy. Learn before u make statements. thanks.
'' safe, u cool bruv''

'' safe <nod head> ##
by Ben the man of knowledge. January 31, 2005
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A code word for geting high.
"Dude you safe?"
"Yeah I'm always safe."
"No I mean SAFE."
"Oh, hell yeah."
by Coffinking March 09, 2007
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A person who is well alright or a good mate
man he's safe now leave off him
man james lent me his car he well safe
here u go james dat burger u asked for oh thanks safe
by m()rgan May 27, 2006
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