The act of being wacked in the testicles by someone with a forcable back hander.
"hey did u just sack wack that guy"
by goy goy the great November 19, 2009
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1) where your use torque in your wrist to whip someones area where their lower genitals are

2) Sack wack can also be a technicial name for the process in which homosexuals use the back of their hand to slap someones ball bag (nut sack).

3)can also be a sport
1) i gave him a good sack wack

2)i got this guy last night in bed by giving him a sack wack
by Talon May 28, 2004
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Timmy's mom is always telling him not to sack wack.
by Mike January 7, 2005
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Same as sack tap

Aka when you hit your bro in the dick then run away so that you can still have kids
Yo cunt, imma go sack wack Jeff
by Fambalam October 31, 2020
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When you flick the ball sack of your mate with a downward flick of your hand using the tips of the fingers.
ball sack mate Sack Wack
by aussi guy May 8, 2011
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a large amount. A collective noun of more than the usual or normal quantity
The Duggars have a wack sack of kids.
by shareski November 13, 2011
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When a drug dealer either sells someone less of a drug that they paid for or passes off another substance as the drug someone is buying.
I bought an eighth of weed but the bag was missing almost a gram, the bastard sold me a wack sack.

I bought a gram of coke but it was just baking soda, i was tricked with a wack sack.
by MistahBradshaw August 31, 2010
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