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a manover in skateboarding where the board does a full flip. while u bring your front foot up you take it to the side and kick it to make it flip. the basic move that most other moves come from.
see that kickflip!
by Talon May 31, 2004

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A manover in skateboarding where u scoop the board around with your back foot to make the board do a 360 degree spin and one flip. a key move in skateboarding which is easy for pros to do and really good to watch making it famous.
Oi 360 flip that 10 stair
by Talon May 31, 2004

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1.a carefully placed pile of poo that is made with a shovel.

2.also can be somthing that is broken/wrecked/ destroyed or just somthing that is bad.
1.Holy fuck i have never seen such a neat & carefully placed pile of shit

2. im glad i got a new car that old one was a pile of shit
by Talon May 31, 2004

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1) where your use torque in your wrist to whip someones area where their lower genitals are

2) Sack wack can also be a technicial name for the process in which homosexuals use the back of their hand to slap someones ball bag (nut sack).

3)can also be a sport
1) i gave him a good sack wack

2)i got this guy last night in bed by giving him a sack wack
by Talon May 28, 2004

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Short for "personal zine." This type of zine is made primarily or entirely by a single person, and is sometimes written as a conversation between the author and the reader.
You can buy perzines from Great Worm Express Distribution.
by Talon February 27, 2005

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means where the fucks.
used to ask where someone/somthing is.
were the fox is my 200 tonne brick?

were the fox is my pet fox?

were the fox is my bat mobile
by Talon May 31, 2004

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a racist coment on asian people insulting their names.
check out wang lee
by Talon May 31, 2004

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